Does Bad Bunny Speak English?

Bad Bunny, celebrated for his irresistible rhythms and compelling lyrics, is a major presence in global music. Yet, as he ascends international music rankings, a question often arises: “does Bad Bunny speak English?” As of 2023, the response is a definitive “yes”, albeit with certain nuances. Being a native Spanish speaker, Bad Bunny is still refining his English skills.

He openly admitted to a journalist at the AMAs that he sometimes finds the language challenging. Nevertheless, his attempts to express himself in English—like his first English-language speech at the Billboard Power 100 event—have only deepened his connection with his audience.

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Native Language

BornIn Puerto Rico, 1994

Musical Style
Latin trap, reggaeton, and other genres

English Proficiency
Learning and evolving

First Major English Speech
Billboard Power 100, February 1, 2023

Noteworthy Event
Candid AMA’s red-carpet English interaction

Recent Highlight
Won MTV Video Music Award for Artist of the Year

Bad Bunny’s Roots and Musical Evolution

Born in 1994 in Puerto Rico, Spanish was the first language Bad Bunny was introduced to. His early music compositions were predominantly in Spanish, projecting a unique blend of Latin trap and reggaeton. Yet, as his fame escalated, it became essential to break language barriers.

Bad Bunny is no stranger to fusion; he effortlessly blends various genres. This fusion extends to his linguistic skills, adapting and learning to cater to his vast international audience.

The AMA’s Red-Carpet Event: A Candid Moment

The red carpet event at the AMA was pivotal in the artist’s interaction with the English language. When confronted with a question in English, Bad Bunny candidly acknowledged his intermittent struggles with the language. This openness displayed a critical part of his persona: authenticity.

Taking The Stage in English: A Bold Move

Just a few days before the 2023 Grammys, Bad Bunny took a significant step. At the Billboard Power 100 event, he delivered his first-ever speech in English. Though not fluent, the effort was a testament to his dedication and adaptability. It was also a nod to his diverse fanbase, illustrating his desire to connect on a deeper level.

Musical Multilingualism: Beyond Spanish and English

While the question “does bad bunny speaks english” is trending, it’s worth noting the artist’s other linguistic endeavors. Songs like “Yonaguni” showcase lyrics in Japanese, proving his versatility isn’t just limited to Spanish and English.

Fans’ Reaction: A Global Community

When Bad Bunny opts for English, as he did during his acceptance speech, fans worldwide celebrate. His attempts to embrace English have garnered appreciation, illustrating the universal language of music.

Closing Thoughts: More Than Just Language

Bad Bunny’s journey isn’t just about answering the question, “does bad bunny speaks english”. It’s a testament to his commitment to growth, understanding, and bringing diverse communities together. As 2023 unfolds, fans eagerly await how this multilingual maestro will continue to break barriers.


Q: When did Bad Bunny deliver his first speech in English?

A: On February 1, 2023, at the Billboard Power 100 event.

Q: Is Bad Bunny fluent in English?

A: No, he’s still learning, but he’s made significant strides in recent years.

Q: Where was Bad Bunny born?

A: He was born in Puerto Rico in 1994.

Q: Does Bad Bunny sing in languages other than Spanish and English?

A: Yes, he has showcased lyrics in Japanese in songs like “Yonaguni.”

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