Is Brittney Griner Trans? Let’s Find Out The Truth of WNBA Star

Standing tall at 6-foot-9, Brittney Griner has often become the center of chatter regarding her gender identity, with some mistakenly presuming her to be transgender. To clarify this misconception, it’s important to state that Brittney Griner is not transgender. She is a cisgender woman who has openly identified as a lesbian.

Brittney Griner’s Background


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, on the 18th of October, 1990, Griner demonstrated her basketball skills while at Baylor University, which made her a well-recognized figure within the sport. The Phoenix Mercury acknowledged her capabilities and selected her as their first pick in 2013.

Detail of is brittney griner trans?

October 18, 1990
Brittney Griner’s Birth
Born in Houston, Texas.

Coming Out
Griner identifies as a lesbian in a Sports Illustrated interview.

Detention in Russia
Accused of possessing cannabis oil.

Public Perception
Despite misconceptions, Griner is a cisgender female and lesbian.

Revealing the Truth

As one of the WNBA’s all-time best, Griner has carved a significant spot for herself in the sport, boasting two championship wins and a host of honours. Addressing the often asked question, “is Brittney Griner trans?”, it’s essential that accurate information is provided. Griner is not a transgender woman; she identifies as a cisgender female.

This was openly confirmed by Griner during an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2013 where she stated, “I’m a lesbian.” It’s also worth noting that Griner is a strong advocate for transgender rights and insists, “Everyone deserves the right to play.”

Early Life

From the beginning, Brittney Griner was born a woman. Throughout her upbringing in Texas, she remained true to her gender identity, supported by her family and community.

Recent Controversies

2022 was a challenging year for Griner. Detained in Russia over allegations of possessing cannabis oil, her arrest sparked international backlash. Some speculated that she might have been targeted because of perceived gender identity, but this lacks concrete evidence.

Public Perception

Unfortunately, misunderstandings about Griner’s gender identity have done more harm than good. Such misconceptions feed into negative stereotypes and pose challenges for Griner in expressing her authentic self. Remember, she is a cisgender female and identifies as a lesbian.

Final Words

In sum, Brittney Griner exemplifies strength and resilience both on and off the court. Facing numerous challenges, she continues advocating for rights and inclusivity. Once more, to address the primary inquiry, “is brittney griner trans?”, she is not. As readers and supporters, it is our responsibility to acknowledge and respect her identity.


Q: When was Brittney Griner born?

A: She was born on October 18, 1990, in Houston, Texas.

Q: Is Brittney Griner transgender?

A: No, Brittney Griner is a cisgender female.

Q: Has Griner publicly spoken about her gender identity?

A: Yes, in a 2013 Sports Illustrated interview, she identified herself as a lesbian and has been an advocate for transgender rights.

Q:What was the reason behind Griner’s detention in Russia?

A: In 2022, she was detained for allegedly possessing cannabis oil.

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