Is Babar Azam Getting Married After ICC ODI World Cup 2023?

Many media houses in Pakistan reported that Babar Azam, World No 1 ODI batter, is set to marry his cousin sister in November this year. But is there any truth in this news? Find out here.

Babar Azam, Pakistan captain, is currently focussing on winning the Asia Cup 2023, which begins on August 30. The star batter from Pakistan is also keen to see how his team performs in the six-nation tournament to zero in on the 15-man World Cup squad.

Specifically, queries and whispers about “Babar Azam wife” have surged. Let’s dive into the truth behind the ongoing rumors about his supposed marriage and his association with Hamiza Mukhtar.

There is not much time left for the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 too, which will be held in India, from October 5 to November 19. Amid all the build-up news around Asia Cup and World Cup, a rumour spread across social media that Babar was planning to get married post the World Cup.

Is Babar Azam going to marry soon?


Some Pakistani news publications reported that Babar is going to get married in November this year, soon after the World Cup concludes. But there is no truth to the news. Babar debunked the fake news himself by sharing an update from his management company.

Saya Corporation, which handles Babar Azam, had written that the news of Babar getting married is fake. “The earth-shattering news of Kaptaan Babar Azam’s wedding in November is completely fake. In fact, this is a ‘news’ for even him and his family. Kindly avoid sharing the unverified news. Thank you.

Detail of Babar Azam Wife

September 11, 2023
Current date

November 2023
Speculated wedding month for Babar Azam and Hamiza Mukhtar

Men’s ODI World Cup 2023
Babar’s rumored marriage timeline

Not yet confirmed
Babar’s engagement with Hamiza Mukhtar

Babar Azam’s Marriage Rumors

Recently, several Pakistani news outlets have been buzzing with claims that Babar is set to tie the knot in November 2023, following the conclusion of the Men’s ODI World Cup. However, the actual date remains shrouded in mystery, as no concrete evidence has surfaced to confirm these rumors.

Misleading Social Media Claims

With the power of social media comes the risk of misinformation. A photo misrepresenting Babar Azam as having married his sister has gained traction online. It’s crucial to clarify that the picture in question is of Babar with his cousin, Nadia. Rest assured, no such wedding has taken place.

Hamiza Mukhtar Babar Azam’s Alleged Fiancée

Hamiza Mukhtar, said to be engaged to Babar, has been a significant figure in this narrative. Her public statements, including an interview with a Pakistani news outlet, implied that Babar coerced her into cohabitation. Babar, on the other hand, has refuted such claims.

Babar Azam’s Fiancée’s Appearance

Hamiza, described as both beautiful and charismatic, is frequently spotted alongside Babar. Their public appearances together often exude happiness and mutual respect.

Babar Azam’s Personal Life

While Babar’s plans to wed post the Men’s ODI World Cup in 2023 have made headlines, the specifics remain undisclosed. Despite the media frenzy, Babar has neither confirmed the wedding date nor his engagement to Hamiza.

Clarifying Relations with Cousin Nadia

A prevailing misconception is that Babar Azam is betrothed to his cousin, Nadia. To set the record straight, Babar remains unmarried, and Nadia is just a relative.


In essence, while Babar Azam is reportedly engaged to Hamiza Mukhtar and there’s a potential wedding on the horizon post the Men’s ODI World Cup 2023, nothing is set in stone. As with many stories involving public figures, it’s essential to approach them with a discerning eye.


Has Babar Azam married his sister?
No, the circulating photo is of Babar with his cousin, Nadia.

Who is Hamiza Mukhtar?
Hamiza Mukhtar is reportedly Babar Azam’s fiancée, although the engagement is not officially confirmed.

Is Babar Azam married to Nadia?
No, Babar is not married to Nadia. Nadia is his cousin.

When is Babar Azam getting married?
Rumors suggest it might be in November 2023, after the Men’s ODI World Cup, but this is not confirmed.

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