Bill Gates Net Worth, Age, Height, Profile, Richest Man in the World

Bill Gates is worth $95 billion and he plans to give most of it away — here’s how he spends his money now, from a luxury car collection to incredible real estate. Bill Gates, the world’s second-richest person, has an estimated Bill Gates net worth of $95.7 billion, according to Forbes.

William Henry Gates III professionally known as Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 (age 63) in the city of Seattle, Washington, United States of America (USA) son of William H. Gates Sr and Mary Maxwell Gates Is an American business magnate, investor and also founder of Microsoft Corporation. For net worth, Bill gates net worth is (95.7 billion USD).

Bill gates founded this company in 1975, with the help of his friend Paul Allen which later became the world’s largest PC software company. At the age of 13 bill gates started developing software’s his first program was the tic- tac- toe game. In 2000, Gates announced his position as a CEO of the company.

Bill Gates wife Malinda Gates before marriage was a former Microsoft employee and also Co-founder of Bill Gates and Malinda Gates foundation holding $38 billion in assets, Bill has donated $28billion to this foundation, the purpose of this foundation was to support social health, education development.

Since 1987, Bill gates have been included in the Forbes List of the world’s wealthiest people.  He held the title of the world’s richest man from the year March 2014 to July 2017 with an estimated net worth of $89.9Million. At the age of 31 his net worth was $1billion. Bill gates also own his personal Jet Bombardier BD-700 which is around $40million.

International Business Machines (IBM) started its career in 1911 as a producer of punching card tabulating machines. Approached Microsoft in July 1980 for its upcoming computer IBM PC. IBM wanted operating system for their upcoming PC.

Microsoft provided DOS 86 as PC DOS to IBM in exchange to one time fees of $50,000.  Bill gates believed that the vendors of IBM would clone IBM system. After getting the system clone, Microsoft immediately sold there MS DOS this made Microsoft a major player in the industry. Microsoft then released its first retail version of Microsoft Windows on November 20, 1985.

Microsoft Window was used world-wide and it dominated the world’s personal computer (PC) with 90% of market shares. Microsoft windows are a group of several graphical operating systems for PCs windows is the most popular operating system. Bill gates stepped down as chairman of Microsoft in February 2014 and got his new position as the technology adviser to support newly appointed CEO Satya Nadella.

Leaving the post of CEO Gates pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors and donated large amount to various charitable organization and scientific research programs through the Bill gate & Melinda Gates’ foundation.

Bill gates the world known richest man took seven years to build his house which cost $63million. Bill is also well known lover of art his collection includes an oil painting ‘Lost in the Grand Banks’ by Winslow Homer, which he brought for $36million and ‘Polo Crowd’ by George Bellows which he also brought for $28 million.

Gates and Warren Buffett founded the ‘’Giving Pledge’’ organization. This organization was made to save lives and improve global health where billionaires pledge to give at least half of their wealth to philanthropy. This organization is also working with Rotary International in order to eliminate polio.

Bill Gates Net Worth, Age, Height, Profile, Wife, Zodiac:

Bill Gates Age  October 28, 1955 (age 63)
Bill gates birth place  Seattle, Washington, United States of America
Bill Gates Religion Agnostic
Bill Gates Residence  Medina, Washington
Bill Gates Net Worth  $92.3 billion approximately
Bill Gates Relationship status  Married
Bill Gates Spouse/wife  Melinda Gates
Bill Gates Height  5’10
Bill Gates Hair color  Light Brown
 Bill Gates Eye color  Light Brown
 Bill Gates Weight  63.5 kg or 140 lb.
Bill Gates zodiac.  Scorpio
Bill Gates Shoe size 9

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