Who is Ines de Ramon and Why Haven’t the Kids Met Her? Brad Pitt Girlfriend 2023

Just weeks after Brad Pitt was rumored to be seeing Emily Ratajkowski (who went on to reportedly date Pete Davidson for a couple weeks), the 59-year-old actor seems to have a different new woman in his life. The Daily Mail ran photos of Pitt at a Bono concert on Nov. 13 with Ines de Ramon, a 32-year-old Swiss jewelry professional. The Daily Mail claimed it was informed by sources that de Ramon was part of Pitt’s team. People, meanwhile, reported that de Ramon works for the jewelry brand Anita Ko. Her LinkedIn lists her position as vice president of the company.

In photos, Pitt appeared putting his arms on de Ramon and introduced her to his friends there, including Cindy Crawford. De Ramon is recently single herself, having separated from her husband, Vampire Diaries actor Paul Wesley, in September 2022.

Detail of Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend 2023


Girlfriend’s Name
Ines de Ramon

Duration of Relationship
Approximately 8 months

Summer Vacation
Spent in Europe

Pitt’s Activity in Europe
Filming a Formula One racing movie

Introducing to Kids?
Not yet

Brad and Ines’s Strong Bond

It isn’t just any relationship; it’s one that seems to have depth and meaning. The fact that Brad Pitt, amidst his hectic schedule filming a Formula One racing movie in Europe, made time to be with Ines speaks volumes about their bond. It’s evident that Ines wasn’t just a fleeting romance during his time overseas. Their connection seems to be, as sources suggest, “going very strong.”

The allure of the European sun isn’t the sole factor bonding them. Their companionship, even when the cameras aren’t flashing, is notable. They’ve become an inseparable pair, much to the delight of fans.

Quality Time Spent Together

We often gauge a relationship’s strength by the time spent together. For Brad and Ines, their moments are countless. Whether it’s at Brad’s Los Angeles mansion or his European residence, Ines’s presence is almost a given. Their quality time is more than just sharing spaces; it’s about forging memories. Their genuine happiness and contentment, evident in their public appearances, have added a new dimension to Brad’s charisma.

Brad’s Decision to Keep Kids Away

Brad’s children are an integral part of his life. So, it raised eyebrows when sources revealed that Ines hasn’t met them yet. But Brad, ever the protective father, has his reasons. Foremost is the desire to ensure that his relationship with Ines stands the test of time. It’s not about being secretive; it’s about being certain. Before introducing Ines to his family’s inner sanctum, he wants to be confident about their future.

Brad’s Approach Contrasted

The world has seen Brad in relationships before. However, an interesting pattern emerges. Over the years, despite dating multiple women, he has never hastily introduced them to his children. It’s a decision rooted in caution, not in the depth of affection. Ines, meanwhile, has seamlessly blended into Brad’s social circle, becoming close with his friends. This approach reflects Brad’s protective and thoughtful nature when it comes to his family.

Final Words

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon’s love story, while a captivating read, serves as a reminder. Relationships, especially those under the limelight, require care, patience, and understanding. As the world waits with bated breath for Ines to meet Brad’s children, one thing is evident: Brad values the sanctity of his personal life. Will the kids meet Ines soon? Only time will tell.


Who is Brad Pitt dating in 2023?

Brad Pitt is dating Ines de Ramon.

How long have Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon been together?

They’ve been together for approximately eight months.

Has Ines met Brad’s kids?

No, Brad has not yet introduced Ines to his children.

Why hasn’t Brad introduced Ines to his children?

He wishes to ensure the longevity of their relationship before taking that significant step.

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