Ezra Miller struggles for the role in The Flash – DC.

Issa Rae recently told Elle magazine that Ezra Miller’s events are a “microcosm of Hollywood,” particularly the industry’s continued protection of criminals. This year, Miller has been arrested three times. He was arrested in Hawaii for disorderly conduct and harassment and in Vermont for felony burglary.

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Find out what happened


Miller was caught on camera choking an Icelandic woman outside of a bar in 2020. Miller recently wrapped reshoots for Warner Bros.’ big-budget comic book film “The Flash,” which is set to be released in June 2023. In August, Miller’s agent told Variety that the actor would seek treatment for “complex mental health issues.”

Is Ezra Miller a good actor?

Miller, who is uncomfortable and grimy, informs the officers in the open that he wishes to obtain their full names and badge numbers. He’s dressed in a red tie, a black suit jacket, and burgundy pants. Miller is an actor, and when asked about his pockets, he quickly responds: “I’m transgender nonbinary.” I dislike the thought of being searched by a man. “That is a deliberate act of racism and a technical hate crime,” he said when an actor was addressed as “sir.” Miller, who uses they/them pronouns, complains about being “illegally persecuted for a crime with no name.” He also mentions how the police handcuffs hurt his nerves and details the Nazi attack. “You should have told us that instead of fleeing,” the officer says calmly. We could have solved everything quickly if we had just worked together. You still wanted to play the game.

The cops discover Styrofoam Nerf bullets in Ezra Miller’s pockets and place them in a plastic bag with the only thing that connects the person in handcuffs to the film on which their acclaimed career and $200 million in Warner Bros. money are riding: a ring bearing the logo of their DC Comics superhero character. Miller appears to have expended all of their rages at this point.

Even people who have known each other for a long-time struggle to make sense of recent events, including the arrest. Miller’s actions over the last two years have jeopardized their professional futures, as well as their own and, allegedly, the safety of others. Aside from the incident at Margarita Village in 2020, the actor has been accused of choking two strangers in Iceland, breaking into a neighbour’s house in Vermont to steal alcohol, and threatening a couple in their bedroom in Hawaii.

The incident that shines a light on Miller’s reputation

VF spoke with over a dozen people who have recently interacted with Ezra Miller. These include those who worked closely with the actor or lived with him on his 95-acre Vermont farm. Miller’s downward spiral has lasted more than two years, and most people believe it began with the actor’s known mental health issues, drugs, guns, and outlandish claims.

People close to the actor claim that they verbally and emotionally abused them and compared themselves to Jesus and the devil. According to three sources, Miller has added the fact that they are superheroes to their lofty talk. According to one source, the actor stated, “The Flash brings all the universes together, just like Jesus.”

As more claims of predatory, controlling, and coercive behaviour by Miller emerge, a pattern emerges in which Miller appears to exhibit the classic characteristics of a cult leader in the making: a volatile, unpredictable, and violent personality; a tendency to gather groups of followers; and a purported pattern of grooming young fans. Issa Rae was not stopping at any point in bringing the actor out.

Miller’s Journey


Miller rose to prominence at such a young age that it was shocking. Miller was born in 1992 in New Jersey to wealthy parents (he was a well-known New York publisher, and she was a successful modern dancer). They demonstrated early promise as an opera singer, making their professional debut at Lincoln Center in 2001 in the New York premiere of Philip Glass’ opera White Raven. They described it as “the biggest confidence boost an 8-year-old could ever get.” Miller then became a permanent member of the Metropolitan Opera’s chorus of young singers.

That assisted them in preparing for an acting career, and it worked: Is this their first television appearance? An older man advises a young David Duchovny (played by Michael Ealy) in the Showtime drama Californication (played by John Lithgow). Is this their first time directing a film? Afterschool, a film by Antonio Campos that had its world premiere at Cannes and received a lot of praise, cast her as the main character.

Miller may have had more personal concerns, such as coming out as gay and accepting their polyamorous identity, modelling for Playboy, and forming a band, in addition to working on controversial projects such as the Stanford Prison Experiment in 2015. Then Warner Bros. called, and with Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, Miller officially joined the DC family, paving the way for a larger role in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and the lead role in 2023’s The Flash.

Miller’s relationship with DC

The writers were free to reimagine the world and many well-known characters when making Flashpoint into a comic. We can only hope that the film version will be able to do the same for the DCEU, which is currently in disarray. During this time, DC released a slew of films with nothing in common. The studio has launched three separate Batman franchises, with Ben Affleck in one, Joaquin Phoenix as the Joker when Bruce Wayne is a child in another, and Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader in the third. As far as we can tell, these Batmen exist in different realities.

The studio also produced James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (no article) as a sequel/reboot of David Ayer and Alan Taylor’s The Suicide Squad. Still, it was never made clear how the two films were related or if Gunn’s franchise version is canon with Affleck’s Batman and Miller’s The Flash. Black Adam, a new movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, could take place in any of these universes.

How DC reacted

Just as Doctor Strange did with the Multiverse of Madness and its parallel timelines, The Flash was supposed to connect these disparate storylines and explain the hell in this movie world. Warner Bros. has confirmed that Barry Allen (Ben Affleck) will appear as Batman alongside Michael Keaton and Tim Burton in The Flash. In Snyder’s films, Batman was played by Affleck, whereas in Tim Burton’s films, Batman was played by Keaton. After 34 years, Keaton may finally don the cape and mask of Batman. The teaser suggests that he plays an important role in the film.

Warner Bros. may be able to start over, thanks to Barry Allen and the Flash. Affleck wants to escape franchise films, so the studio can kill or recast him by messing with parallel timelines. They could also eliminate the characters who aren’t working out and introduce new characters and plots.

However, a significant change at Warner Bros. Discovery has people wondering whether or not The Flash should be cancelled. Hollywood was taken aback when the nearly completed $90 million Batgirl film for HBO Max was cancelled. According to Warner Bros. Discovery, the change is part of a plan to stop making movies solely for online streaming services. During the pandemic year, the studio streamed all of its films directly to get more people to sign up for HBO Max.

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It’s unclear if The Flash affects the plots of any of these movies so much that taking it off the list would mess up the studio’s bigger plan for the DCEU. The bigger question is whether or not the studio can get back what it put into a movie that was supposed to bring back a fan-favourite character (Keaton’s Batman) and introduce a new star to the franchise (Christian Bale). Miller’s recent changes in behaviour make it hard to tell if he will reach his goals or not.

Where it’s going?

His projects with Warner Bros. are currently in jeopardy. Even though his Fantastic Beasts film series has been cancelled, he appears to be progressing on The Flash. The Flash is on track to become one of the most popular DCEU properties. Ezra Miller is accused of engaging in cult-like behaviour and sexually pursuing young fans. Warner appears to be sticking to its decision to include them in the film. “It is necessary to burn and break things,” said the performer.

What are your thoughts about The Flash? Is DC going to delay the movie? Is there another actor who is fit for this role? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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