Frontman of the band Nazareth, Dan McCafferty, passed away at age 76.



Former Nazareth frontman Dan McCafferty died recently.

In his time on Earth, Nazareth has delivered an explosive rock performance.

Nazareth’s interpretation of Love Hurts by the Everly Brothers, featuring the artist’s scorching vocals, flew into the top ten and established a standard for power ballads. Although he helped write many other songs for the group in the 1970s, this is the one for which he is most known.

The passing of Dan McCafferty was announced.

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It was not possible to ascertain the cause of McCafferty’s death.

Pete Agnew, his lifelong friend and bassist, announced his death on social media.

“This is the most difficult announcement I’ve ever had to make,” Agnew said after reporting Dan’s death at 12:40 p.m.

 “Maryann and her children have lost a handsome, dedicated husband and father, while I have lost my dearest friend and the world has lost one of the finest vocalists of all time. I’m too upset to say anything else right now.”

Dan McCafferty and Nazareth: A Brief Introduction

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McCafferty, born in Dunfermline, Scotland, in 1946, co-founded Nazareth in 1968 alongside Agnew, guitarist Manny Charlton, and drummer Darrell Sweet. McCafferty was a founding member of the organisation.

The band’s name was inspired by a phrase in The Band’s classic song “The Weight” that refers to Nazareth, Pennsylvania, rather than Nazareth, Israel or Palestine.

In 1968, McCafferty, Agnew, guitarist Manny Charlton, and drummer Darrell Sweet formed the band Nazareth.

The band’s debut album, released in 1971, featured a robust hard rock style. On the other hand, the CD usually includes reworked versions of songs with a stronger pop flavor.

Nazareth rose to prominence after collaborating with Deep Purple. Razamanaz, Nazareth’s third studio album, was released in 1973 and includes contributions from Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover.

The band did not reach considerable success in the United States until their sixth album, Hair of the Dog, was released in 1975. Their early records were reasonably successful in the UK but flopped in the United States.

“We have had our ups and downs, and a few attorneys have become wealthy on the road,” McCafferty told Swedish rock journalist Michael Erikkson in 1989, during Erikkson’s coverage of the band.

We have no idea how many CDs we sold because two different managers ruined our careers.

Nazareth’s commercial success

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Love Hurts, a reworked version of a song recorded by the Everly Brothers but never released as a single, contributed greatly to the album’s financial success. For one million copies sold, “Love Hurts” and “Hair of the Dog” were certified gold in 1976 and platinum in 1992.

The album’s song “My White Bicycle” was relatively popular in the United Kingdom, but the album as a whole did not sell well.

The last time Nazareth charted in the US Top 40 was with the 1976 album Close Enough for Rock ‘n’ Roll, which peaked at No. 24.

In the United States, “Holiday” was a minor hit in 1980, and “Love Leads to Madness” was broadcast on FM radio in 1982. On a North American tour in 1981, the band opened for Krokus, and again in 2008 for Deep Purple.

Because only Agnew remained from Nazareths’s original lineup, the band proceeded to play and record without the blessing of McCafferty.

Despite the fact that it had already been covered, Nazareth’s version, with a rougher edge provided by Charlton’s guitars and McCafferty’s grainy yet powerful voice, rose to number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart in the United States and became an instant classic.

It has since appeared in several additional comedic or satirical films, television series, and ads.

The title track, on which McCafferty worked, and other well-known tracks contributed to the album’s success, propelling it to number 17 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart.

More about Nazareth and McCafferty

McCafferty, a singer known for his powerful voice, led Nazareth from 1968 until 2015, when he stepped down due to consequences of chronic obstructive lung illness. He worked with the band on 23 albums, the first of which was issued under the band’s own name in 1971 and the most recent of which was Rock ‘n’ Roll Telephone in 2014. Carl Sentance is now delivering lead vocals for Nazareth on their current tour, with just Agnew remaining from the original lineup.

McCafferty’s third and final solo album, “Last Testament,” was released in 2019 after the release of his debut album, “Dan McCafferty,” in 1975 and his second, “Into the Ring,” in 1987.

After the passing of McCafferty’s close friend and bandmate Charlton

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McCafferty’s longtime bandmate and friend Charlton died in July of this year.

In addition to his work with Nazareth, McCafferty has released three albums under his own name, all of which have garnered mixed reviews.

“I can’t sing on tour like I used to,” he said, according to USA Today. The truth is that you have no right to be in that position if you are unable to carry out its responsibilities…. Please accept my apologies for the short notice, but I simply do not have the energy to conduct a full live set right now.

What did McCafferty have to say about the initial years of the band?

McCafferty has also discussed the band’s early years and its driving ideology.

When asked about the band’s intentions, he stated, “We weren’t attempting to become famous or change the world in any manner. Despite a shared love of music and a small community, each member of the band had distinct tastes. Our relationships with one another determined the outcome.”

Individuals who have praised McCafferty’s legacy

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Ricky Warwick, Black Star Riders and Thin Lizzy frontman, was among those who paid tribute to McCafferty.

He expressed his sympathies on the death of Dan McCafferty of Nazareth on Twitter. “Dan McCafferty, a member of the Nazareth community, died today, which surprised and upset me. Spending time with him on the 2016 Rock Meets Classic Tour was an honour. Please accept my heartfelt sympathies for his loss, both locally and globally.

Alexander Beyrodt expressed his appreciation to James McCafferty by saying, “One of the finest vocalists of all time has died, and the world has lost one of the sweetest and funniest men I’ve ever worked with. I’ve known Dan for years because I used to work at Frank Farians Studio, where Nazareth was recorded. Years later, when he was on tour as Rock Meets Classic, he never failed to send shivers down my spine. Dan McCafferty, you will be remembered with affection and admiration failure for the entire planet.”

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