From ‘Dumb Money’ to SNL: The Path that Built Pete Davidson’s $8 Million Net Worth

What is Pete Davidson’s net worth and salary?


Pete Davidson is an American comedian who has a net worth of $8 million. Pete Davidson is best known for being a featured comedian on “Saturday Night Live” and was the youngest cast member in the 40th season.

Pete was a cast member on SNL for eight seasons, running from 2014 to 2022. He is also famous for dating many famous women, notably Ariana Grande, Cazzie David (Larry David’s daughter) and Kim Kardashian. In 2020, a semi-autobiographical film titled “The King of Staten Island” was released. In addition to writing (alongside Judd Apatow), Pete also starred in the film.

Summary of Pete Davidson Net Worth

2018$2 million

2019$3 million

2020$4 million

2021$6 million

2022$8 million

2023$8 million

Pete Davidson’s Net Worth Over the Years

In 2018, Pete’s net worth stood at $2 million. But the subsequent years witnessed a rapid ascent in this figure. By 2023, Davidson’s net worth quadrupled, resting at a whopping $8 million. A notable moment was in 2022, when Davidson splurged on a Staten Island Ferry boat, a testament to his affluence and perhaps, a nod to his roots.

Pete Davidson’s Net Worth Confirmation

If one seeks validation of “pete davidson net worth”, Celebrity Net Worth stands as a credible source. The consistency in reports over the years, especially the figures for 2022 and 2023, affirms the $8 million net worth estimation.

Pete Davidson’s Impact on SNL

Pete Davidson’s tenure at SNL was not just beneficial for his bank account but also for the show. He brought a refreshing charm, becoming one of the most memorable performers. This charm, combined with his undeniable comedic talent, ensured he was also among the highest earners of the show.

Final Words

Pete Davidson’s ascent from the local stages of Staten Island to a net worth of $8 million is nothing short of remarkable. His roles, especially in ‘Dumb Money’, coupled with his SNL tenure, underscore his success. Today, Davidson stands as a testament to where talent, combined with hard work, can lead.


1. How much did Davidson earn per episode on SNL?

Davidson’s salary on SNL was around $315,000 annually, with top performers earning up to $25,000 per episode.

2. How much is Pete Davidson’s net worth in 2023?

Pete Davidson’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be $8 million.

3. What was a major film role that contributed to Davidson’s net worth?

Davidson played a significant role in the film ‘Dumb Money’, which added to his wealth.

5. Did Pete Davidson really buy a ferry boat?

Yes, in 2022, Davidson purchased a Staten Island Ferry boat for $275,000.

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