Justin Vicky Death Real Reason Behind the Death of Bodybuilder

Justyn Vicky, born on March 7, 1990, in New York City, USA, grew up with a profound enthusiasm for fitness that remained a driving factor in his life.

Justyn Vicky, born on March 7, 1990, in New York City, USA, grew up with a profound enthusiasm for fitness that remained a driving factor in his life. After finishing college, he made the audacious decision to relocate to Bali, Indonesia, to pursue his dream of becoming a personal trainer.

Justin immediately established himself as a proficient and extremely motivated trainer after joining The Paradise Bali, a fitness club in Sanur, garnering the admiration of the local population.

He was not only a well-known character in Bali, but he was also an active bodybuilder with an excellent physique and a deep understanding of the sport. His passion for fitness and his impact on others around him made him a beloved and respected figure in the community.

How Did Justyn Vicky Die?


On July 17, 2023, a tragic catastrophe occurred at The Paradise Bali, a fitness center in Sanur. Justyn, a well-known and well-liked gym trainer, was in the middle of his daily workout program when the tragedy occurred. Justyn faced an uphill battle when attempting a back squat with an amazing 210 kg weight.

Even with a spotter behind him for assistance, the weight proved too much for him to bear. Justyn couldn’t securely release the weight in time, and he lost his balance, forcing him to fall forward with the heavy bar still on his back. As a result, the bar rolled against the back of his neck, creating a serious injury that sadly led to his death.

What Did Vicky’s Friend Say About His Death?

Following the accident, Justyn Vicky’s close friend Kang Gede expressed his grief in an emotional speech to Bali Express.

“Vicky was a formidable, respected, and sociable individual. He taught his pals about bodybuilding and advised them to take care of themselves without pushing themselves too far. Only you know your own potential, he continued. I pray Vicky rests in peace, close to God, and finds a well-deserved place there.”

Justyn’s Funeral and Obituary Arrangements

The obituary and funeral arrangements for Justyn Vicky have not yet been released and will be announced at a later date. Friends, coworkers, and the community must wait for the official announcement to pay their respects and bid farewell to this beloved individual and concern to Justin Vicky’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.

Final Words

Justyn Vicky, a well-known influencer and bodybuilder, died in a tragic accident at a gym in Bali. Justyn was born and raised on the Indonesian island of Bali. The Indonesian skilled gym trainer dedicated himself to his fitness enthusiasm.

Justyn’s career in the fitness sector began at a young age, and he eventually rose to prominence in the profession. Justin garnered notoriety not just for his remarkable physique and bodybuilding expertise, but also for his kind and caring demeanor after becoming a liked and respected trainer at The Paradise Bali in Sanur.

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