An 18-year-old MMA fighter Victoria Lee Untimely Death Detaile

Victoria Lee, a professional MMA fighter who died in December, was killed by the COVID-19 vaccine.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. Lee’s sister said that the 18-year-old took her own life.

THE FACTS: The false claim has been circulating on social media since January, when Lee’s elder sister, fellow MMA fighter Angela Lee, shared the news of her Dec. 26 death on Instagram.

Victoria Lee, a bright spark in the world of mixed martial arts, met an untimely death at the age of 18. Her sudden passing left many in shock. The mystery around the cause of her death has been a topic of widespread speculation. It wasn’t until her sister, Angela Lee, publicly addressed the tragedy, that light was shed on the matter.

“Victoria was the most beautiful soul who ever lived. She was the best little sister in the world. The best daughter, the best granddaughter and the best godma / aunty to Ava and Alia.

“We miss you so much sis. More than you could ever realise. We’re all broken. Because a piece of you was in each of us and when you left, those pieces were ripped out of us. We will never be the same.

“Each and every little thing makes me think of you. From the sun rays, to the sunset. You taught us to see the beauty in the simple things.

“You were our bright light. Our sunshine. And that will never change. You were perfect in every way. The best person I knew. The most beautiful girl, inside and out.

Summary of Victoria Lee Cause of Death


NameVictoria Lee

Date of Birth
May 17, 2004

Date of Passing
December 26, 2022

The Prodigy

Reason of DeathSuicide (Confirmed by Angela Lee)

Age at the Time of Passing
18 years

3-0 record in martial arts organization ONE

Fans Reaction
Widespread shock and condolences

Victoria Lee Athletic Career

Victoria Lee showcased remarkable talent from a young age. With a record of 3-0 in the martial arts organization ONE, she had the potential to achieve great heights. At just 18 years, her loss deeply affected the MMA community. A talented fighter with a bright future, her untimely demise left many heartbroken.

Angela Lee’s Revelation

Angela Lee’s recent public address was not only about her sister. It delved deep into her own battle with mental health. In 2017, Angela had attempted to take her own life, a fact she had not revealed until now. Angela’s confession emphasizes the need to recognize and address such silent struggles.

The impact of Victoria’s passing on Angela has been profound. The revelation came with a plea for increased awareness and support.

Victoria Lee’s Mysterious Death

The suddenness of Victoria Lee’s death led to various speculations. Initial reports simply highlighted the fact that she passed away, without providing a clear reason. The lack of a confirmed cause fueled rumors and raised many questions.

This mystery, combined with Victoria’s stature as an upcoming MMA star, created an intense public interest.

Speculation and Social Media Reaction

The absence of concrete information regarding Victoria Lee’s cause of death had social media buzzing with speculations and theories. Many were seeking answers, while others expressed their shock and grief.

The demand for clarity only grew with time, pushing the topic to trend across various platforms.

Official Confirmation and Delayed News

Though Victoria Lee passed away on December 26, 2022, it took a while for the news to be confirmed. The delay added to the intrigue and concern of the public. When the official confirmation finally arrived in early January, the MMA community and her fans received it with heavy hearts.

Angela Lee’s Hint at Suicide

Though she did not explicitly state how Victoria passed away, Angela Lee’s Instagram posts provided hints. Through her messages, she subtly intimated that Victoria had taken her own life. Angela also emphasized the importance of suicide awareness and its prevention.

The Impact of Victoria Lee’s Passing

Victoria Lee’s death sent shockwaves throughout the MMA community and beyond. Fans, fellow fighters, and well-wishers poured out their condolences. The tragedy underscored the urgent need for increased mental health awareness and the necessity to address it openly.

Angela Lee’s Efforts to Combat Tragedies

As the ONE Atomweight World Champion, Angela Lee is in a significant position to influence many. Recognizing this, she has made efforts to spread awareness about mental health and suicide prevention, hoping to prevent further tragedies like her sister’s.

Final Words

The tragic passing of Victoria Lee, a promising athlete, has been a grim reminder of the silent battles individuals might face. Through the revelations of Angela Lee, the hope is that awareness about mental health and the significance of open discussions gain momentum, ensuring no other young talent meets a similar fate.


Q: What has Angela Lee been advocating for post her sister’s passing?

A: Angela Lee has been emphasizing the importance of mental health awareness and suicide prevention since her sister’s tragic demise.

Q: When did Angela Lee reveal her 2017 suicide attempt?

A: Angela Lee recently made public her 2017 suicide attempt and discussed her own mental health struggles.

Q: How old was Victoria Lee when she passed away?

A: Victoria Lee was 18 years old at the time of her passing.

Q: What was the confirmed cause of Victoria Lee’s death?

A: Victoria Lee’s cause of death was confirmed as suicide by her sister, Angela Lee.

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