Trevor Noah Net Worth 2023 Latest Update

Anyone who watched The Daily Show knows that Trevor Noah has mastered the art of balancing clever jokes with current affairs. But aside from keeping us all informed and entertained on Comedy Central in his previous TV hosting gig, the 38-year-old has also released a New York Times bestseller, appeared in films and even dabbled in executive producing. Plus, the comedian did such a stellar job of hosting the 64th annual Grammy Awards, he’s returning for the 2023 ceremony.

Detail of Trevor Noah Net Worth


Net Worth in 2023
$100 million

Annual Earnings
$16 million

Notable Income Sources
The Daily Show, Comedy Tours

Other Contributions to Net Worth
Memoirs, Hosting Award Shows

Primetime Emmy, MTV Movie + TV

Comparison to Peers
Higher than most of his peers

Trevor Noah’s Net Worth Overview

In 2023, Trevor Noah’s net worth stands proudly at $100 million. A significant chunk of this comes from an impressive annual earning of $16 million. The financial successes of this multifaceted talent include his remuneration from ‘The Daily Show’ and significant proceeds from his comedy tours, as indicated by Celebrity Net Worth.

Trevor Noah’s Career and Earnings

Trevor’s ascent to fame wasn’t overnight. It started with local comedy in South Africa, soon skyrocketing after “The Racist”, his stand-up comedy special, garnered international attention. By the time he commenced his journey with ‘The Daily Show’ in 2015, he was pocketing a tidy sum of between $5 to $8 million each season. A 2017 renegotiation with Viacom saw this figure double, shooting up to $16 million.

Other Sources of Trevor Noah’s Wealth

His net worth isn’t solely a testament to his television salary. The comedian’s bestselling memoir, “Born a Crime”, added a lucrative layer to his income. Hosting gigs for glamorous events like the Grammy Awards further embellished his financial stature. The cherry on top? Accolades such as the Primetime Emmy, MTV Movie + TV, Webby, and NAACP Image awards.

Trevor Noah’s Net Worth in Comparison

To provide a broader perspective, let’s delve into comparative numbers. James Corden’s net worth lingers around $70 million, while Jimmy Kimmel stands at $50 million. Stephen Colbert? $75 million. This context further emphasizes how Trevor’s net worth overshadows even some of the brightest names in the industry.

Final Words

Trevor Noah’s net worth of $100 million is a powerful testament to his multi-dimensional talents and strategic choices. With his relentless drive, there’s no doubt that he will continue to captivate audiences and climb even higher in terms of both popularity and wealth.


1. What contributes the most to Trevor Noah’s net worth?

Apart from his annual earnings of $16 million from ‘The Daily Show’, Trevor has amassed wealth from his comedy tours and best-selling memoir.

2. How much is Trevor Noah worth in 2023?

Trevor Noah’s net worth in 2023 is an impressive $100 million.

3. How does Trevor’s net worth compare to other hosts?

Trevor’s net worth of $100 million surpasses the likes of James Corden ($70 million), Jimmy Kimmel ($50 million), and Stephen Colbert ($75 million).

4. Has Trevor Noah won any awards?

Yes, he has clinched awards like the Primetime Emmy, MTV Movie + TV, Webby, and NAACP Image awards, amongst others.

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