Where is Matt Lauer now? All we know about the former Today show star

Matt Lauer is continuing to tighten his inner circle five years after being ousted from the Today show.

A source tells PEOPLE exclusively that the former morning show anchor, 64, has “kind of withdrawn from several friendships in the last year,” particularly following the release of his former co-host Katie Couric’s memoir, Going There.

“He was really upset by Katie Couric’s book,” the insider reveals. “She shared their private text messages and she semi-slammed him. It made him lose trust.”

The source continues, “His level of trust has just diminished with a lot of people he considered friends and much of that was because of Katie’s book, and because talking to people from his past is painful.”

Summary of “Where is Matt Lauer Now?”


Matt Lauer’s Early Career
Born in 1961, began journalism at local stations, joined “Today” show in 1994, co-anchor in 1997

“The Morning Show” Success
Charismatic anchor, key to the show’s high ratings, known for celebrity interviews

The Scandal and Firing (2017)
Multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, led to firing, denied allegations

Life After “The Morning Show”
Living privately in NYC, possibly working on a memoir, seeking treatment for addiction

Net Worth and Relationships
Estimated net worth of $80 million, impact on relationships with co-hosts

Personal Life and Family
Divorced from Annette Roque in 2019, three children, quiet family life

Matt Lauer’s Early Career

Born in New York City in 1961, Matt Lauer embarked on his journalism career at local television stations. Joining NBC News in 1994 as a correspondent for the “Today” show, he quickly climbed the ranks, eventually co-hosting with Katie Couric. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniably successful.

“The Morning Show” Success

Lauer’s role in “The Morning Show” was pivotal to its success. His charm and interviewing skills helped the show become one of the most-watched morning shows. His positive impact on ratings and media landscape is still remembered.

The Scandal that Changed Everything

In November 2017, a series of sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer changed everything. Accused of inappropriate behaviors, he was fired, causing shock waves across the industry. The scandal led to deeper conversations around workplace conduct.

Matt Lauer’s Current Status

Life After “The Morning Show”

After his firing, Matt Lauer has chosen to lead a private life. There’s talk of a memoir, but no public statements or appearances. His activities remain confined to personal endeavors.

Matt Lauer in 2023

As of 2023, Lauer continues to live a relatively private life in New York City. Spending time with family and friends, he’s remained away from television, contributing to the intrigue surrounding where Matt Lauer is now.

Matt Lauer’s Net Worth

Matt Lauer’s net worth stands at an estimated $80 million. The fallout from the scandal might have affected his financial standing, but precise details are scarce.

Matt Lauer’s Co-Hosts and Relationships

Lauer’s firing impacted “The Morning Show” and relationships with co-hosts like Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Katie Couric. The dynamics have shifted, reflecting changes in the show’s structure and personnel.

Matt Lauer’s Personal Life

Matt Lauer’s Family and Marriage

Married to Annette Roque from 1998 to 2019, Lauer has three children. Following the allegations in 2017, a divorce was filed and finalized in 2019. Family life continues to be a focal point for Lauer.

Matt Lauer’s Youth and Early Career

Born in 1961, Lauer’s early career and education at Cornell University shaped his journey into journalism. His initial experiences played a significant role in his professional development.

The Impact of the Matt Lauer Scandal

The Matt Lauer scandal resonated far beyond individual circumstances. It raised questions about workplace ethics and contributed to the #MeToo movement. Networks began to reassess their protocols and prevention measures.

Final Words

Where is Matt Lauer now? Living privately in New York, reflecting on a career filled with highs and lows, Lauer’s journey since the scandal continues to generate interest. His legacy, marred by controversy, shapes public perception, but the questions surrounding his life persist.


Q: Is Matt Lauer planning a return to television?

A: As of 2023, there are no indications that Matt Lauer is planning to return to television or any public career.

Q: Where is Matt Lauer living now?

A: Matt Lauer is reportedly living in New York City, leading a private life.

Q: What is Matt Lauer’s net worth?

A: Matt Lauer’s net worth is estimated to be around $80 million.

Q: How has Matt Lauer’s firing affected “The Morning Show?”

A: The firing led to changes in co-hosts and relationships, with Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb being promoted. It also triggered discussions about workplace ethics.

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